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Photo Book with Text
Photo Book with Text

Photo Book with Text

Gifting a photo book is already a super special gift, but what if you could add your own text too? Our photo books with text can make that happen and there's so many to choose from. A photo is worth a thousand words, but with added text? Even better.

Signed, sealed, delivered...

A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven

When creating your photo book, you'll get the option to add text and captions to your personalised photo book, which of course, we *highly* recommend. Our A4 Lay Flat Photo Book has enough space and pages for you to be generous with captions, so why not match your special moments with a caption on the other page? A few of these photos will *definitely* need some context.

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A match made in heaven

The start of something special

Whether it's the start of your relationship, your new career or even a new member joining the family, start your photo book with a defining chapter. Classic, sleek and great for *any* occasion is our A4 Personalised Photo Book, it's in the name right? Get your thinking cap on and start writing those captions, from the cute to the incredibly cringey.

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Square Softcover Photo Book

Wish you were here

Sending a postcard is so ten years ago. Creating a full-on photo book of your adventures to show loved ones is the way to go. Not only is it super fun to make but it's a great keepsake to relive those holiday memories all over again. Our photo books combines the two – a travelling backpacker's dream. Add your stunning location photos and give them a little caption; date, place, how you felt, that sort of thing.

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Here's some inspiration for you


Adding text to your photo book is super simple, once you know how, you'll want to add text and captions every time. Head to our Editor with your chosen photo book to get started.

  1. Choose a layout that allows text. If the layout only has space for

    an image, you can always delete to give you a text-only page.

  2. Drag the text box to your desired position and use the text panel to

    start typing your captions.

  3. Get creative with different fonts, colours, and sizes to fit your

    photo book aesthetic.


Wedding photos need to be cherished and our wedding collection photo books cater for all types of nuptials, from the smaller gatherings to the full-on 100 person ceremony. After the wedding events have slowed down and you're back from your honeymoon, create a Square Lay Flat Photo Book with every moment from the wedding with added text and captions. Type out quotes from the best man's speech, your vows to each other, or even the lyrics to your first dance song.


Your little one has arrived and the amount of baby photos on your camera roll is increasing each time they do something cute. Take those snaps and turn them into a baby photo book, it's a special something to keep plus you get your phone storage back. Our A5 Softcover Photo Book is perfect for documenting your little ones journey, they're slim and easy to store on shelves. Add your own captions to each photo; when they tried peas for the first time or when they started crawling.

Photo Books

Check out more contemporary and classic designs for your book right here.

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