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Children’s Photo Albums

Share the gift of making memories with a children's photo book. Whether you want to celebrate a key milestone, or document a fun adventure, a children's photo album is the perfect way to capture the magical moments.

Little Moments Photo Book

Little Moments Photo Book

Tell your story in a flash with this small photo book.

From €18.99

From €9.50 with code IEHALF50

My First Photo Book

My First Baby Photo Board Book

Teach your little one who’s who with a Photo Book specially designed for babies under 3.


€7.00 with code IEHALF50

A5 Softcover Photo Book

A5 Small Photo Book - Softcover

The softcover of this smaller photo book makes it lightweight and portable – perfect for sharing with family and friends.

From €17.99

From €9.00 with code IEHALF50

Softcover Square Photo Book

Square Photo Book - Softcover

Choose a minimalist softcover Book that puts all the focus on your story.

From €22.99

From €11.50 with code IEHALF50

Softcover Square Spiral Photo Book

Square Spiral Photo Book - Softcover

Show off your adventures with this spiral-bound notebook-inspired photo album.

From €17.99

From €9.00 with code IEHALF50

Standard Hardcover Square Photo Books

Square Photo Books - Standard Hardcover

Let's take this offline... Make the most of your Insta snaps with a Square Photo Book.

From €39.99

From €20.00 with code IEHALF50

Best seller
A4 & A3 Personalised Photo Books

A4 & A3 Personalised Photo Books - Standard Hardcover

Go for the classic look with one of our best-sellers.

From €39.99

From €20.00 with code IEHALF50

Blue year book with 2021 on the cover

A4 Year Photo Books - Special Edition

Highlight 4 of your favourite moments from the past year with our peek-through cover.

From €43.99

From €22.00 with code IEHALF50

Cherish the adventures

Watch them grow

Do you ever feel that kids just grow up too quick? With our children's photo books you can savour every moment, while looking forward to the milestones ahead. Why not create a yearly kid's photo album using our Little Moments Photo Book to document their adventures? With space for images and captions too, you can relive the special moments again and again. Sit back and watch them grow from a messy-haired toddler to a talented teenager.

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The first day of school

Perhaps the biggest milestone of a little one's life – their first day of school. Mark the occasion (and year) with a personalised children's photo album and fill it to the brim with pre-school memories. Make a collage with pictures of nursery friends or create a photo book of child's artwork. Whatever you chose, this is *the* photo album to pull out at family gatherings.

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Turning teen

Sports, fashion, favourite bands – teenagers have a *lot* of interests, so why not save them in the pages of a photo book? Our Photo Journal is the perfect gift for any teenager. Include photos from their favourite holiday or leave blank for them to fill with ticket stubs from music gigs, cinema trips or special days out. Time goes quickly when you're a teen, but that doesn't mean the memories can't last forever.

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We've got something for everyone


Let the fun of the moments shine through your photo book by customising the backgrounds of each page in our Editor. Choose our Square Spiral Photo Book for a notepad-inspired feel, and get as creative as you want using our stickers to set the scene and bring photos and memories to life. Even though they're a teenager now, gifting a personalised photo book that includes those slightly embarrassing baby photos is sure to bring back some fond memories.


We all love showing off our family photos. With the Square Lay Flat Photo Book you can flick through your stories in style. The lay flat binding even allows you to include those panoramic pictures from that last family holiday before the kids started 'big' school. Opt for the hard cover version and preserve the precious moments, no matter how many times you show your visitors.


No matter how ready the kids might feel, starting a new school can be nerve-wracking. Let them know you are there, every step of the way (even if they forget to pack their PE kit). Fill our A5 Small Photo Book with photos of family and inspirational quotes, and send it with them on their first day of school. With its softcover and small size, this photo book is perfect for slipping into their school bag for an extra dose of encouragement.

Photo Books

Check out more contemporary and classic designs for your book right here.

FAQs about children's photo albums

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