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Photo Albums for Couples

1 year, 10 years or a Golden Anniversary - no matter how long your journey is, keep your stories documented with a couple photo book.

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Pick your fave cover

Can't choose which couples photo book to go for? Let us help (we're experts in this sort of thing). First up – choose the right type of cover: how do you want to present your photo book? (It's a big deal, you know). From minimalist styles to slightly louder designs, you've got a whole range of couple photo books to choose from. What suits your personalities? If you're going through the honeymoon phase, why not opt for the Love Photo Book? It makes a real relationship statement with a red cover and heart-shaped window. If you're slightly further along in your couple journey, but still want to keep it sentimental, go for the A4 Lay Flat Photo Book - to showcase your relationship timeline from the start to right now. Shop now.

Customise it your way

Each relationship is unique and full of those little private jokes only you and your partner laugh about. We totally get it, that's why we've introduced stickers, illustrations, and backgrounds to add that extra personalisation to your couples photo album. Add some colour to your photo book pages and watch your snaps come to life with the help of our stickers and illustrations. Whether you're going wild with the design or keeping it minimalisitic, there's something for everyone, and we mean everyone. Shop now.

Lay out your story

When it comes to the layout of your couples photo book, make sure there's room for every photo you've captured. No need to cram them all into one Instagram collage. With our Editor, it's super easy to create your perfect photo book for any special occasion; a birthday, an anniversary, or even just a thank you to a special someone. If you're looking for more inspo or even some sneaky photo books hacks, check out our blog. Our blog.

Why we love them...

From phone to pages

Taking your social media snaps and putting them into a more thoughtful place is half the fun when creating a photo book. Our Square Hardcover Photo Book lets you do just that. Pop in your couple selfies from the 'Gram and watch your love story unfold. The high-quality photo paper makes all your photos look amazing, from your first holiday together to your first Christmas in a new home. This photo book is perfect if you're wanting something a bit different from the norm, a place to put your cheesy selfies and inside jokes.

Make a statement

Gather the whole family round to take a peek into the A4 Classic Photo Book. With it's unique cut out window, it's a statement piece for any family home wanting to show off their snaps to vistors, friends or even the postman. We offer a range of colours for the A4 Classic Photo Book, from neutral shades to bright pops of colour. Why not try matching your couple's picture book to your home decor? (We love a bit of colour co-ordination here).

Celebrate your journey

Our couple photo books are a celebration of your journeys together. Through the years, photos are collected and need a home instead of being lost on a camera roll or even worse, accidentally deleted. Our A4 Layflat Silver Halide Photo Book is the perfect keepsake to pass down to younger generations so they can treasure your stories and keep them alive. With the high-quality silver halide paper, photos come to life right on the page (say goodbye to bad quality snaps). Our Editor makes the designing process even easier, allowing you to take the virtual reins and create a couple photo book to be proud of.

Couple Photo Albums FAQs

What is a photo album for couples?

Create a couples book to document your journey together so far. Having your favourite snaps in a photo book saves the trouble of having to scroll through your camera roll to find that selfie you like so much. Also, couple photo books are a great gift to showcase your stories, look back on fond memories and get excited to make new ones.

What kind of couple milestones should I include in my book?

Any milestone. From your one week anniversary to a Diamond Anniversary. We want you to show love in all forms and our couples photo album does just that.

What is the best size album for couples photos?

We have photo books to suit all sizes and proportions of photos, we just have to find you the right match. If your camera roll is filled with snaps from social media, a Square Photo Book is a good idea, but if your photos are wide, landscape images, an A4 Lay Flat Photo Book is the perfect size.