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Personalised Wedding Gifts

It's true, the buffet will be eaten, the prosecco will be drank and the confetti will have blown away. Wedding days don’t last forever - but those special memories can. From Photo Books to Prints and Wall Art, banish those post-wedding blues with a gift the bride and groom can enjoy forever.

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Why pick a personalised wedding gift?

They'll only get one wedding day

Birthdays and anniversaries come around every year, but weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event (for most people anyway)! With that in mind, you want to give them a once-in-a-lifetime gift that'll really reflect how special they are as a couple.

You're an honoured guest

If you're close enough to receive a wedding invite you're close enough to give a gift! Whether it's your brother, your bestie or even your second cousin, there's no reason not to give a gift to celebrate the special day. And, no matter what the relation, there's plenty of personalised gifts to suit every budget too, from Simple Canvas to Quilted Cover Photo Books.

Banish those post-wedding blues

Weddings are a rollercoaster of emotions. First there's the pre-wedding jitters, then the whirlwind of the day itself, a blissful high as they say 'I do' and then crash... the post-wedding blues. Help the newlyweds bounce back with a personalised photo gift that'll give them all those honeymoon feels.

Shopping for a gift that'll wow the newlyweds?

The ultimate wedding gift? A personalised Photo Book that'll let the couple relive their special day again and again (and again)! Fill the book with all the best photos from the big day and add plenty of cute captions. Opt for a stylish quilted cover or keep it traditional with a sleek hardback.You can also add a gift box for an extra touch of luxury!

For a more minimalistic couple, go back to basics with a set of personalised prints. There's plenty of options to choose from, including Standard Prints, Enlargement Prints and Retro Prints! Our faves are the Retro Prints, printed on ultra shiny paper with a fun, nostalgic twist. Go chic and have those professional pics printed or pick out all the funniest bloopers from the big day!

Want to make a big show of affection? Go large with a personalised Canvas! Opt for a Canvas Print to let the photo do all the talking, or add a touch of class with a Framed Canvas Print or Box Framed Print. With a selection of sizes available, you can pick the perfect Canvas for the lucky couple. If you want to go for something a little more edgy, how about an Aluminium Photo Panel? This unique free-standing print has a high gloss finish, which is sure to light up any room.

Everything you need to know about personalised wedding gifts...

What kind of gift looks good with a black and white photo?

Stick with the minimalist theme and opt for a stylish Aluminium Photo Print. Your photo is the star of the show in these frameless prints, which are available in 22 sizes and are ready-to-hang, meaning the bride and groom can spend more time with each other than with the toolkit!

What wedding gift can I get if I'm short on time?

In a hurry? No stress, there's plenty of photo gifts you can make in a flash that'll still have the 'wow' factor! Take them down memory lane with a Retro Print, let them relive their wedding day with a set of Enlargement Prints or have their fave honeymoon pic printed on a Simple Canvas.

Can I use the same photo for multiple gifts?

Totally - after all, everyone knows two presents are better than one! Be the best wedding guest ever and show that lucky couple you really care with a set of personalised gifts. Opt for a Photo Book to tell the story of their special day page by page, then tell the story again with a Collage Canvas! You can also have all their fave pics made into a set of Retro Prints to hang above their bed, or go for something a bit different with the Magnetic Photo Booth Strips.