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Personalised birthday gifts

Dad's birthday appeared out of nowhere? Nan's 70th fast approaching? You're on a mission to make that day extra fancy for them, and we're here to help! Our birthday gifts ideas, pro tips and expert recommendations are here to make it a walk in the park.

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47 Best Happy Birthday Wishes

Not the sentimental type? We’ve got you. Here are 47 ways to say ‘happy birthday’ to whoever you’re celebrating. Read our blog.

Birthday Photo Book Ideas

There’s a photo book for every birthday, be it a first celebration or the big 5-0. This guide will help you pick the perfect one. Read our blog.

Easy photo gifts for a friend’s birthday

Looking for a gift that’s really special and can be made in minutes? These ones are sure to keep your giftee smiling ’til next years birthday. Read our blog.

Which birthday gifter are you?

The quiet pleaser

Low score, between 0 and 5. Are birthday parties not really your thing? You do like to make someone happy but don't need to let everyone else know! A little bit shy, maybe? By the way, this isn't a test - we're just making this up... So what's the personalised birthday gift that matches your style? We're thinking something bold yet simple, like our Photo Coasters – seemingly unimportant, soon indispensable!

The surprise maker

Score – imaginary score, that is – between 5 and 10. For you, it's all about how you'll surprise them rather than looking forward to the guests and the party. Instead, you switch on your mischievous mind and come up with devilishly sweet ideas for a personalised birthday gift. With that in mind, we can't help but think that Magnetic Photo Booth Strips are the way to go. We wish we could watch the unboxing with you!

The party thrower

Between 10 and...15? Things are heating up, and that's not the candles' fault! Birthdays give you life! You remember them all (and not just because Facebook reminds you)! If you make them a set of cute Retro Prints for a personalised birthday gift, chances are they'll agree to getting older faster!

Questions and answers about personalised birthday gifts

What is the best birthday gift for friend?

You've got the birthday card and cake sorted. Now the most important part of all birthday celebrations: the gift for your best friend!

What is the best birthday gift for lover?

Romantic gift ideas don't need to lean on the soppy side. Here's our pick!

What can I get for mum's birthday?

Timeless Framed Prints make quite an impressive birthday gift for mum from daughter. They are of exceptional quality and will turn the house into an art show.

What should I get for my dad's birthday?

Great personalised gift ideas for dad's birthday aren't the easiest but here's our pick. If he's always on his phone, help him reduce his screen time with a Personalised Wall Calendar. They make the perfect helpful and good-looking combo. Framed Poster Prints also make a beautiful personalised gift for dad's birthday and are quick and easy to make yourself in the studio.