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New Baby Photo Gifts

Who knew such a little one could cause such big excitement? Create cute and lifelong personalised baby presents to say you're glad they're here, or find new mum gift ideas and let her know she's doing a great job already.

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The best cuddly companion

Snuggled up at nap time or to prop them up sitting when they're small, create baby soft photo cushions for babies. Add a pic of their pudgey footprints in the sand or the parents holding them for the first time for a truly huggable gift. Create now.

Caught out on Canvas

The best photos aren't always cute smiles, sometimes they're the times they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar...literally. Choose your hilarious favourite to go on a Canvas Print to make the whole family laugh. That sour-faced snap from when they first tasted lemon or shoved their hands into their first birthday cake - these are the winners! Create now.

From bump to baby

This one's for mum and baby! If you've still got those ultrasounds saved somewhere and a few photos of mum when you were sure she was ready to pop, add them together with some shots of the newborn in a Little Moments Book. There's no greater home for personalised baby pictures to show the little milestones that added up to one big event! Create now.

Why do personalised presents for babies make the best gifts?

They're thoughtful

Nothing makes a bigger impression on new parents than baby picture gifts. Whether it's a cheeky candid photo you snapped upon your first meeting with the little one or photos you were sent when those big eyes opened for the first time, let them cause a stir on a baby photo gift.

They're easy to create

No rushing around finding the right size or colour gift, with your baby photos at hand you're ready to go. Browse our selection to find unique baby photo gift ideas, then choose your favourite to start uploading your pics. For some products you can even add your own message to baby and personalise it with different colours and backgrounds.

They'll keep them forever

Sure, you could get them a pink or blue balloon that'll deflate after a few days...or you could create a baby photo gift that will last a lifetime. Clothes and toys they'll outgrow, but a personalised baby present with photos from their very beginning, they'll hold onto this forever (or the parents definitely will!).

Finding the right gifts for new babies and mums

It can be tricky to think of baby gift ideas that are original and affordable. All those baby grows, fancy cribs and toys can seem rather cliché and come at quite a cost, but what if you could give a little something that no one else would have thought of and didn't cost the earth? A Photo Book filled with photos of all their early ultrasounds they sent you or a baby photo Canvas with a photo from their first day at home - these are the baby photo gifts that just can't compare.

From celebrating first birthdays to personalised newborn gifts, find a baby present idea to suit the little one you have in mind. Spoil them with a set of baby soft Photo Cushions for babies to prop them up until they can sit up by themselves or try a set of Square Magnets to go on the fridge and keep their parents company through all the late night feedings!

Questions and answers about personalised gifts for babies

What is a good gift for a new baby?

Personalised baby photo gifts definitely make the best baby presents ideas as they're not something they'll ever grow out of or throw away. They're made using their own baby photos, so even the parents won't want to let them go!

What is a good gift for a new mum?

All gifts for new mums should give them that pat on the back for the journey they've come on. What better way to congratulate them than with a selection of photos of their newborn on a personalised present for babies! Try creating a My First Photo Board Book with a collection from their early days for mum to look back on as they get bigger and bigger...

What do new parents really want?

Honestly? A bit of peace and quiet! But since that's not happening any time soon, why not get them some baby photo prints of their new bundle of joy? They'll get to keep their favourites and share the rest with friends and family to let them know there's a new sheriff in town!

How to make a baby gift?

To make the best baby picture gifts, simply select your favourite and start uploading your baby photos. You can edit and personalise your gift in our studio, add a message to baby or parents and add colourful backgrounds and themes.