Instagram photo book

Turn your Instagram feed into memories that’ll last a lifetime. With Photobox, you can easily create a beautiful, high-quality photo book from your Instagram posts in just a few steps. Ready to get started? Here’s how to make a photo book with your favourite Instagram photos.

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Create an Instagram photo book

Turn your Instagram photos into a photo book

Posting on Instagram is a great way to connect with friends and family across the globe. You can share your favourite moments as they happen and have fun personalising your snaps with colours and filters to really reflect your style. But why let your favourite shot of a sunset on the beach or the memories of a fun-filled picnic at the park sit on your feed? Keep those memories close and help them stand the test of time in a quality photo book that’ll brighten up any bookcase or make a great gift for someone special.

How to create your Instagram photo album

Maybe you’re collecting all your best selfies with your best friends for a unique gift, or you’d like to create a coffee table book with your holiday posts. No matter the occasion, with our wide range of cover options, styles, and formats, you’ll turn your favourite Instagram shots into a beautiful photo book in no time. Start by collecting your Instagram snaps and upload them to our editors.

Use our layouts and templates to create fun collages and unique page spreads, and get creative with illustrations, colour overlays, and captions to remember your moments by.

Ready to order your Instagram photo album?

Happy with your creation? Click on ‘Add to basket’ to review your order and add some final touches. If you’ve collected your favourite shots from your adventures with friends, at this stage you’ll be able to order the album in several sizes to gift to all your mates. Finally, you’ll be able to add gloss paper to your Instagram photo book to make the colours in your snaps really stand out. When you’re ready to complete the order, click on ‘Order now’ to receive your album at home.