Friends photo album

Celebrate life with the people who brighten it up every day. With Photobox, you can easily collect all your favourite moments with your best friend in a beautiful photo album. From your first adventure abroad to all the milestones you achieved together, keep reliving your favourite memories in a keepsake that’ll last a lifetime. Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a high-quality friends photo album
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  • Quick and easy to order online

Create your best friends photo album

Collect your favourite moments with your best friend in a photo album

Surprise your best friend with a collection of the most special moments you’ve shared over the years. Dig out your old school pictures, graduation photos, or some of the funniest selfies stored in your camera roll — no matter how you choose to tell your story, a friendship photo album is a meaningful gift that your best friend will love forever.

How to create your friendship photo book

With our editors, creating a personalised photo album for your best friend is easy and fun. To get started, take a trip down memory lane and dig through old scrapbooks, yearbooks, as well as your camera roll to find the best shots with your favourite people. Next, create a storyline for your album and upload the pictures in order. Maybe you’d like to follow a timeline starting from your very first picture together, or how about grouping the pictures by a theme like the holidays you spent with your friend?

Remember to add cool mementoes like boarding passes, festival tickets, and special invitations to the mix. Once you’re ready, you’ll only have to drag and drop your snaps into every page to fill your friendship photo book. Make it yours — play with our layouts to style your photo book pages or add colours and illustrations. Finally, add captions to remember the most important dates, the funniest stories, or to keep track of all the kilometres you’ve travelled side by side.

Make your own friends photo album

Photobox offers a wide variety of prearranged styles rendered using vivid colours and high-grade materials. However, we also provide you with the option to make your own friends photo album. Create a photo album for your friends that matches your styles, or create collections that speak to your own unique character and to the nature and quality of your friendship. Create your own friends photo book design with Photobox as it’s easy and expansive, offering a range of different ways to customise your albums to help them stand out from the average and create a lasting impression down through the years.

Order your best friends photo album

Happy with your creation? Click on ‘Add to basket’ to order it. As a final step, you’ll be able to add upgrades or order the album in multiple sizes — perfect to share those unique memories with your friend group. Once you’re done with your selection, you’ll be ready to receive your friends photo album at home.