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memory® Game

Number of cards

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Personalised Memory Game
Personalised Memory Game
Personalised memory game
  • Set of 24 playing cards, made from 12 photos
  • Also available in a set of 72, made from 36 photos
  • Each card is 60 x 60 mm
  • Thick, sturdy card – perfect for small hands!
  • With a white border around each card, the photo really stands out
  • Made for us by Ravensburger, Europe's leading puzzle specialist
  • Suitable for players aged 3 and above

A fun game for the whole family! Upload 12 or 36 of your favourite snaps and we'll turn them into a unique, personalised memory® Game. Perfect for helping kids develop their memory skills (and refreshing yours)!

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Memory came cards with your own photos

Use 12 or 36 of your favourite photos to create a unique set of playing cards.

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memory® Game

We'll let you in on a little secret: our memory® Game will keep the kids entertained for hours... Suitable for ages 3 and up, the thick, sturdy cards can withstand sticky fingers and hours of lip-biting concentration. Keep them out of trouble on rainy days and off screens with memory match games using characters from their favourite show, family photos or of animals from around the world!

Picture memory games are perfect for teaching the kids a new skill (and helping your memory!). Try replacing game pictures with words in another language to match images or even mix it up with some mental maths and add some multiplications (they'll thank you later...). If they're still small, how about using a memory® Game to teach them their colours, numbers or names of family members? With a personalised memory® Game, the possibilites are endless...

memory® Game

Brain, meet your match! Our personalised memory® Game is here to put your mind to the test. Choose 12 game pictures for a set of 24 cards, flip them over (no cheating!) and turn them over one by one to find the matching pairs. Think you're a pro at memory match games? Well then, try a 72 card pack on for size and choose 36 game pictures to print on your deck. For an extra challenge, set a timer to complete the game by – adrenaline junkies only!

Not just fun, but completely unique too, this photo game uses your own pictures to play. From photos of pets to family members (the human ones), each memory® Game we make is unlike any other and made specially for you. Make them as quirky and creative as you like with a monochrome theme or go classic with some favourite scenic shots from great days out.

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