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Auto Image Enhancement

Auto Image Enhancement

Printing your images the way you remember them

We know everyone wants their photo prints to look as good as possible. That's why we've reviewed our entire photo prints process and invested heavily in the impressive industry-leading image correction & enhancement technology called Perfectly Clear™. This gives you the ability to decide if you'd like us to enhance your photos for you, to ensure you're always thrilled with your prints.

Print quality top tip

How it works

If you're ever disappointed because your prints are too dark, overexposed, or suffer from the dreaded red eye, we'll remedy this for you automatically, at no extra charge, when we print your photos. Please note we can’t work miracles though and do require a relatively good quality image to help us get the best results.

We have so much faith in this amazing technology that we believe the vast majority of you will welcome the option to have your photos automatically enhanced and be delighted by the difference it makes, so this is now the default option. If you decide you want to retain complete control over your prints, perhaps because you're a pro photographer and you've retouched your images yourself, or run a colour calibrated workflow then you can easily remove the auto enhancement option. You simply log into your account and go to 'My account', 'My preferences', then select 'Off' under Auto Image Enhancement.


  • Default is ON for enhancement (Pros and colour managed customers may want to switch this off via account preferences)
  • Sit back and enjoy automatically enhanced and corrected images – we're confident you'll love them!

Before & after prints

Red eye prints

Dark prints

Overexposed prints

Quality commitment

If you try our Auto Image Enhancement and you're dissatisfied with it for any reason, please let us know. Remember we offer a no quibble reprint policy, or we'll credit your PhotoBox account to ensure you're completely happy with our service.

Future plans

We're busy working on several further developments in this area which we plan to introduce at a later date. This will allow you to preview the effect that the image enhancement option will have on your photo prints before you print them. We're also aiming to offer you the chance to enhance photos used in photo creations, such as your Photo Books.

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